Get 20% off on an energy audit or a fuel analysis for your ships

As an introduction, we offer you 20% reduction on energy audits for your ships or on a future marine fuel assessment for your company. Contact us to start saving energy costs and time. For more information contact us below. The offer ends on 31 August 2021.


Save money by auditing the energy consumption of your existing fleet. Quick energy savings with very acceptable payback times are really possible. They are reached by taking technical efficiency measures or replacing equipment with more efficient ones.

Once installed installations about your vessel consume energy. They affect your energy efficiency. This is especially important for your existing fleet since the energy consumers do not operate anymore in initial design conditions. The consume more fuel and money than necessary. Not many know that really tangible cost reductions are possible by just focussing on the technical installations of a ship.

Saving energy on the technical installations - main or auxiliaries - will be a major efficiency topic in the upcoming EEXI.

Let us dive into the energy consumption of your ships by auditing all energy consuming devices and practices. We assess every item for alternatives or energy saving practices. We provide you with specific options to reduce fuel consumption based on profiles of each individual ship.

Our report is SEEMP proof and direct suitable for your EEXI certification process.


In 2050 shipping must be carbon neutral. The present fuels need to be replaced by cleaner alternatives. But which?

The choice for a new marine fuel and technologies is difficult. Present fuels and machinery work simply perfect. It is proven technology with the perfect energy density. The choice for a different fuel is a difficult one.

Your ship and its operational profil decide which future fuel will be able to replace present fuels.

In order to ease the choice for the next fuel we developed the so-called Maritime Future Fuel Matrix. The fuel matrix assesses the feasibility of carbon neutral marine fuels. It gives insight if this new fuel supplies the energy you need.

The Future Fuel Matrix includes many of the proposed zero-emission marine fuels. It classes and weighs the fuels based on the success factors of marine fossil fuels. The weighing and classing is based on production, technology matureness, bunkering options, storing options, and environmental characteristics. Scientifically based.

We deliver a matrix and conclusions that are ship or company specific. It provides strategies about the options you can invest in safely.


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Büro Blue/Green is a young and new consultancy agency that supports maritime companies in greening their daily shipping operations. The blue in our name stands for shipping and their important work at sea. Green is because we believe green shipping is the future. Only a healthy sea guarantees a future use of the sea. We know that measures to ensure sustainable shipping often are difficult and distracting from your core operations which are bringing goods from A to B safely.

We can help and support you to ensure these maritime environmental regulations and measures find their way within your company in the best way possible.